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QZetta is reimagining the relationship between consumers and brands.
ONE PHOTO. 100% ACCURACY.Our proprietary technology can tell a consumer everything your brand wants them to know about your product.
Tell Customers About...

Her Shirt

What Is it?
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Tell Customers About...

Her Sneakers

Who Made Them?
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Tell Customers About...

Her Backpack

Where Do I Get It?
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Our solution makes
the invisible, visible.

How we search on the Internet is changing. When searching via text is unproductive, and artificial intelligence isn't clever enough, how do we find one black shirt among thousands?
Perfect Accuracy
From a black shirt to a shade of lipstick, our system delivers unprecedented, and unparalleled, accuracy.
Mobile First
As mobile share continues to grow, our solution puts your brand firmly where it belongs - in front of the social generation.
Global Control
Protect your brand's assets and photography across the world - and deliver only the results you want international visitors to see.
Call To Action
Decide if you want to sell a product, create a contest, request feedback, share your message - your brand calls the shots.
what is she wearing?

Lipstick. Mascara. Concealer.

We can even tell you what she uses in her hair - and who styled it.
A trillion photos
per year
How do you cut through the clutter and reach your customers?
stop consumer frustration
A zettabyte of
Internet traffic
Information overload can contaminate your brand - but we can help.
end the tyrrany of ppc
From Q to A,
We're the invisible enabler, helping consumers and brands communicate.
better search, better roi

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Any photo. Anywhere. Anytime.

The consumer experience is as consistent as you want it to be - across websites, operating systems, devices, and the world.
Where do i get that hanging fixture?

Fashion. Furnishings. Food.

Whatever you're into, we can help more people find you - and the information you want them to see.
This is a game changer.
What is it?
How would you search for the diamond fixture today?
Using text?
Who made it?
How does a brand get their product in front of the right people?
Using display ads?
Where do I get it?
Are you converting admirers to customers? Providing inspiration or revenue?
Using Their Excitement?

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